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    Duplicator 5S

    The Wanhao Duplicator 5S Single Extruder Printer is the next generation printer from Wanhao. Perfect for the designer or industrial prototyping team that needs a big build volume combined with a quality, reliable product.

    Add to cart | $ 4,695

    Duplicator 5S Mini

    The Duplicator 5S Mini is smaller and lighter than the Duplicator 5S giving you desktop printing power. This printer is perfect for the workshops of professional model builders, architects, and your average serial prototype.

    Add to cart | $ 2,999

    Duplicator 4S

    The Duplicator 4S is the newest printer in the Duplicator 4 series. This printer updates the Duplicator range with it's steel exoframe, a steel printing platform, and a larger (16mm) Z-Axis threaded rod.

    Add to cart | $ 2,279

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27 May 2014

We here at INSPIR3D wanted to give you just a sneak peek at what is coming to Singapore very soon… and it’s HUGE! This printer is an absolute monster, there aren’t too many desktop printers on the planet that can boast that kind of printing capacity.

06 May 2014

Just a short one to let all customers know you can always reach our team on Twitter. Come follow us for updates, special deals and quick drops of printing news.

Find us: @inspir3dasia

02 May 2014

Wow! We at INSPIR3D are super impressed with this effort.

According to Statista, this is the fourth fastest ever recorded project to reach 1 million on Kickstarter.

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I’m a small business owner, can I afford a 3D printer and is it the right choice or just another gimmick, can it really benefit me?


The fast-paced evolution of 3D printing has moved well beyond early adopters and hobbyists, and is now being utilized regularly in business applications where substantial cost and time-to-market benefits are gained. In addition to general manufacturing/R&D applications, 3D printing is also finding sweet spots in aerospace, automotive, education, dental, jewelry, medical, and recreation vertical industries.